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Every time you feel lost or confused, think of the trees and how they grow. Remember that a tree with a great leafy crown and shallow roots will fall in the first gust of wind, and in a tree with abundant roots and a scanty crown, the sap cannot flow freely.

Roots and crown must grow in due proportion; you have to be the part of things and above them; only thus can you offer shade and shelter, only thus can you put forth flowers and fruit in due season.

And when you come to a meeting of many ways and do not know which to choose, do not choose at random, but pause and reflect. Breathe with the trusting, deep breaths you took when you first came into the world; let nothing distract you, but wait and go on waiting.

Be still and listen in silence to your heart. When it has spoken to you, rise up and follow it.

[Susanna Tamaro]

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